Our Consultants are specialists in the fields of efficiency, quality, innovation, automation and process improvement in various verticals as Telecommunication, Financial Sector, Retail and FMCG.
Since 2014, mopatel ® has successfully delivered over 50 projects in 12 countries, innovating, optimising and improving our customers’ businesses. Strategy Consulting is the core focus, with specializations in Quality, Growth, Corporate Services, SCM, Technology and Human Resource Management. 

mopatel® is a step forward founded by experienced business consultants and advisors with hands on experience in development, operations and delivery across all types of Business, Telecommunication and Financial services, including Board and C-Suite levels. We are proud to have close working relations with companies in Africa, Middle East, Europe and Asia.

The mopatel ® concept is centered on the pivotal element of the Service Provider system – starting from industry (Operators, Suppliers) to government. mopatel® aims to become the region's first address for various industries telecommunication sourcing and supplies and mobile Money platform's.