In a digital world where there is greater reliance on business data analytics and online interactions, the management of every company cannot afford to ignore these existing security risks. There are unique and new cyber risks associated with cognitive and AI technology. Businesses must be thoughtful about adopting new information technologies, employing multiple layers of cyber defense, and security planning to reduce the growing threat. As with any innovative new technology, there are positive and negative implications. Businesses must recognize that a technology powerful enough to benefit them is equally capable of hurting them. Systems are not only sabotaged from outside, also inside threats can harm your business dramatically. Finally, contrary to popular thinking, cognitive systems are not protected from hacks just because a process is automated. 

Our team of security experts will analyze your current situation and work together with you to create and deliver a bespoke security concept for detection and deployment of advanced systems to prevent, detect and counter these attacks. Whether you are running small companies or working in multinational corporations, mopatel will work with you to look beyond your IT department and technology systems and, instead to focus on protecting your business’ most important assets from attack. Our consultants work across functions and geographies to identify key risks, imagine potential threats and adversaries, and develop a plan together with you for combating them.